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Deliveries in NEW YORK CITY Traditional vs tech - what you need to know!
Doing deliveries in NYC is not for the faint of heart.

Doing deliveries in NYC is not for the faint of heart.

Looking for a courier in NYC? here is a breakdown of the old-school vs the new kids on the block!

Until we figure out a way to transport items through a phone there will always be a need for good old fashion boots and wheels on the ground. With the introduction of so many peer-to-peer delivery services we wondered how do the old-reliables stack up against the young whipper-snappers.

Professional courier services 

These are the old-school bike and van couriers that make up much of the commercial drivers and bikers in the city. These companies are usually owner operated, hence very reliable. They know their routes well, and if you have a problem the owner is usually a phone call away.


If you need a package delivered from a commercial area these are your guys. It takes years of professional delivery experience to get comfortable with the flow of the city. Knowing where to park and when, what turns you can make at what times, how to negotiate with security and freight elevators, how to not get pulled over every other day, or even something as routine as finding a place to relieve yourself (Which apparently there is an app for). This is just a sample of the tricks of the trade that help get your package to you on-time and intact.


Most traditional courier companies operate on a Business to Business level which is not very good for first time users or individuals. If you want to book a delivery without opening an account this is probably not your best bet. This is also a pricier option (usually above $15). also these services are very local and fragmented.

Peer to Peer delivery services 

These companies are new companies that rely heavily on tech and a freelance workforce. Unlike the professional courier services the owners have probably never delivered a package professionally, and the couriers probably never built an app (so there is a disconnect there). But as far as the consumer is concerned this is the best choice for impulse buys. No you may never get to know the owner or even your courier for that matter, but oh-boy do they get your burritos to you quick-fast!


No better option for food deliveries. Couriers are usually extra friendly (Their ratings and tips depend on it), the orders are easy to book, easy to track, and relatively inexpensive (Under $5 in most cases), and are available in just about every city.


The cons are that outside of delivering food or groceries they are not very reliable. you might want to think twice before using a peer-to-peer courier like Task Rabbit or Uber in a commercial district during business hours. The parking fees, security protocols, driving restrictions, and aggressive driving from professional couriers might be enough to send your peer back to the outer-boroughs.

Our goal is to be the best of both worlds. Providing A level of service that comes from over two decades of professional driving experience, along with the technical-savvy of the peer-to-peer services.


We consider our service the best bet for small to mid-sized businesses. We offer easy options whether you open an account with us or not. Our specialty is serving those communities not quite up to speed on the technical benefits of web-based delivery options.


We are a small local team with limited availability - we suggest opening an account if you want to lock us in - or you can reserve a delivery right here!


This is just a sample of some of the delivery options available. a representation across different sectors.

Tip: When requesting quotes we recommend calling in. We got quotes that were as much as 8X higher on the phone than online.

most people who enjoy the perks of door-to-door service know that it comes with a price.... But for many people who live in New York City and don’t have a car, that’s money well spent if you don’t have to lug heavy bags around town.
— The Today Show

Delivered With Love




While watching NY1 in the background last week, I heard that Trader Joe’s is ending deliveries in NYC. As a professional driver in NYC for the last 20 years (the last 4 building FreeYourArms), I know that it ain’t as easy as it looks, and quite honestly it don’t look that easy. My advice to any retailer big or small that wants to offer delivery services to your customers… avoid working with national or task/temp based services.

If they are not wearing gear, stay clear
— Free Your Arms
It’s not easy doing business in NY
— NY1

Our Team puts in allot of work building a platform to serve the local community. If you are a retailer in search of a delivery partner we are happy to sit down and discuss how to tailor our services to fit your needs. For estimates on what it might cost to service your particular area, try the link below or reach out to us by phone or email. Or you can place a reservation right here!

Delivered with Love;