There is a hidden camera in the sign live-streaming as I panhandle


I was taught from as far back as I can remember to give even when it hurts. I want to hardwire this principle into the DNA at freeyourarms from the beginning. This AND EVERY Friday I have decided to donate proceeds from all of our Friday sales (Minus Shipping/delivery costs/taxes) towards helping those in our community in need. To promote this weekly drive. I will be panhandling for money in the streets and paying forward those donations as well.


No - but that is the point - tune into our live stream to find out just how much we can't afford to do this and why I decided to do it anyway.


In my experience the folks who survive in the streets are just as (if not more) savvy than those who survive in the corporate world, as a filmmaker at heart I am interested in shining some light on this theory. It is probably more likely that I will just get my ass kicked or arrested. Either way it will be interesting FOOTAGE and WILL hopefully raise some money at the same time.

For more on this drive tune in to our live-stream every Tuesday - Friday 9am on Periscope | 11:30am on Facebook/Youtube | 4pm on Instagram (times may vary based on our delivery schedule)

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