AMAGONE - How Does the Amazon NEW YORK EXIT Affect You?

It looks like Amazon was not getting enough love from New York City. New York politics ain’t easy. Ask UBER and Airbnb. How this affects you the small businessman… on the one hand, it may have brought in more revenue, infrastructure funding, as well as jobs for many nearby residents. While on the other hand it came with 3 billion in tax breaks, may have done more harm than good to the city infrastructure, and Amazon does not have a stellar record when it comes to workers with their anti-union and anti-immigration policies.

Then there is the cultural impact. Gentrification is an issue in New York, and in Long Island City (where Amazon had planned to build a 4 million square foot facility) it has had a huge effect over the past few years. In our neighborhood (Williamsburg Brooklyn), we have seen the impact of gentrification. It has been good and bad over the years. Many small businesses have closed and many bigger ones have taken their place. The economic impact has been good for some and not so much for others. Undeniably the residents and small businesses that made this neighborhood attractive to outsiders have been for the most part pushed out as rents go up exponentially. In most polls the majority of New Yorkers were in support of this deal, but if asked if they would support this deal if it meant that they would be pushed out of the neighborhood, I bet the results would change.

Here is an excerpt from one local business owner.

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