While watching NY1 in the background last week, I heard that Trader Joe’s is ending deliveries in NYC. As a professional driver in NYC for the last 20 years (the last 4 building FreeYourArms), I know that it ain’t as easy as it looks, and quite honestly it don’t look that easy. My advice to any retailer big or small that wants to offer delivery services to your customers… avoid working with national or task/temp based services.

If they are not wearing gear, stay clear
— Free Your Arms
It’s not easy doing business in NY
— NY1

Our Team puts in allot of work building a platform to serve the local community. If you are a retailer in search of a delivery partner we are happy to sit down and discuss how to tailor our services to fit your needs. For estimates on what it might cost to service your particular area, try the link below or reach out to us by phone or email. Or you can place a reservation right here!

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