Free Your Arms on MSNBC's Your Business

So I made my first National TV appearance this morning on Your Business on MSNBC. I have watched just about every episode since I launched Free Your Arms (That's 3 years). Along with The Profit, and Shark Tank, Your Business is what I call must see viewing for entrepreneurs. There is so much great business information and inspiration.

My appearance was about as nerve wracking as I imagined it would be. True-to-form I over-rehearsed without getting past to that sweet spot where a script melds into one's personality. Hopefully I'll be a bit more relaxed and less scripted the next time around.


Trevor - Founder & CEO

Trevor Bayack created his company to help travelers who need a place to store their luggage. Free Your Arms allows customers to continue exploring their destination while their bags are in safe hands. Let’s found out if our panelists think this is a high-flying idea.

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